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April 23, 2010

A2 G324 Advanced Portfolio – Planning and Decision Making

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  • Actor – I had an initial problem with this as between my Pictures being taken and Filming my male actor broke his arm badly which delayed my filming process as I couldn’t get another male actor. Due to this delay my artist did not memorise all the words as planned as it was a delay on video again with learning words and in my planning I did not think that there would be a case of that I had no artist.


  • Cd cover – I had initially not planned to have the hand written affect on the hands of my artists but it did not appear to look the same as I thought it would with just normal writing. So I decided to write it and put it on and I think that it turned out much better. Also from my original outlay of my Cd cover I changed it as from an example design I was not satisfied about what it turned out like in mine.


  • Advert – This has entirely changed from my original plans as I started of with trying to do the same that I had designed originally but it did not turn out how I wanted it to. I also was not able to have the photography that I wanted but I did have similar photo’s the way that I changed it also satisfied me a lot more than the original planned one.


  • My Cd Digi pack – This changed a bit through using a different programme from that I used in my planning to actually creating my own and my own photography. As I have similarities with all my pages to my planned there were a few changes as I could use different effects on them and I also used more black and white so it match in with my advert.


  • Video – With some changes made from my Cd cover , Advert and Digi Pack I have some alternatives in my video but I still have the same story line, I also was not able to film all of the gimmicks as they were supposed to turn out more realistic but turned out cartoonish which was not the theme of genre of my music so I changed it to just of my artist playing his guitar and singing with the music, This was not a huge problem as it focuses more on my artist not on the gimmicks around him which will give the audience the feeling of more involved with the artists and let them feel involved in the artists playing. However I am a little disappointed that from my initial idea it has not worked out the same but it has been a fun challenge making a music video.   

A2 G324 Advanced Portfolio – Evaluation of Music Video

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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My chosen brief would be to make a music video. To create my final piece of a music video I needed to undergo research that made clear my target audience, age, gender, genre and other elements of helping me create my final piece which was a music video. I started this research by looking at what genre I wanted to do and researched many different videos of genre’s which included ‘All I ever wanted sang by BassHunter’’ 

this was the genre of dance, Another genre that i looked at was Hip-Hop with ‘’I gotta a feeling sang by The Black eye peas’

I then  decided to look at a more chilled genre of music but that still had a attraction in its music so i looked at Pop/ Acoustic which I looked at the song ‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing sang by Jack Johnson’

With this genre i enjoyed it and i decided to look more into it with ‘Chasing Pavements sang by Adele’. 

I then looked at ‘Breakeven sang by The Script’ 

as i knew that i liked there song.  I then went on and looked at more pop songs which was ‘Say sang by John Mayer’.

 this linked onto ‘Jason Mraz I’m yours’

this is when I knew what genre I wanted to do as for me it was one of my personal favourites so I choose to do the genre of POP .

After choosing my genre I needed to choose my song and I wanted something lyrical in which my video genre would follow so I went back to some of my video’s that I looked through to find for my genre research so I looked at the song ‘‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing sang by Jack Johnson’ ,I also looked at ‘Say sang by John Mayer’ , and ‘Breakeven sang by The script’ after studying these for the lyrics and song I decided to look again at Jason Mraz lyrics of I’m Yours,  with this after I had came to find myself with getting ideas of how I could put my final piece together I choose this song as i felt that this was the best lyrics that had meaning and how I could make my own love storyline from it. It also had a very good tale to tell which I could also put some alliteration to and put some comedy into it as well as being very serious from what is wanted in the lyrics and the meaning from these. I also had to do research on how I was going to make my Advert and i did this by looking on the actual Jason Mraz site.  this showed me many ways of how he has advertised into playing at venue’s and concerts.


 I found that they were very well labelled on where the concert was taking place and what date, time it was taking place this was very clear which was something i knew that i had to think about for my target audience to realise who it was and how it was written with my label, when i was looking onto Google this was a good source as it showed me many other adverts as well if i was to put in another artist that i had studied like Jack Johnson.They also took me to their actual sites which then helped me picture my whole look that i was able to conceive from these different websites to make my own, ideas about my artist and how i was going to create him. I also researched many Cd covers to find out what they looked like as i had to make one, I looked onto Google  and searched for artists Cd covers, In this i searched for Jack Johnson      and what Cd covers he had made to get the feel of them and what they were like to be linked into the songs that he sang. This research was then able to help me into making and designing my own CD pack and advert as I had additional research under my belt, this also showed that there were very similar resemblances between the Cd Pack of Jason Mraz

 The video its self and the advert  promoting Jason Mraz  this was even the case if it were a different single that it was promoting, the whole image of the artist had very close similarities and this was a positive outcome as i then knew that I did not need to complicate my artist, by trying too hard to impress my target audience which what I later talk about. This also showed me how they are real people and now just in it to become a celebrity or become famous as they are singing naturally and not becoming a dress up icon, with something that is unnatural they are singing for the lyrics and not anything else, Also there music video’s do not have loads of gimmicks in them so this is what i had to make sure of that my video was not full of gimmicks and it would then not fall into the right category. This brings me on to the style of the pictures that were taken to make the adverts, Cd covers and how they were pictured, the standard of photography the settings of the photographs, the contract and saturations, I also needed to see if they looked like they had been edited and how much if they had been to see what I could do my like and what was needed to make then connect to the video’s and genre.

From discussing what my additional research tells me i can now imagine what my intended output  will be and from my research i have ideas that i want to make a full video of a romance between a girl and a boy who are in love but don’t want to ruin what they have got, and feel that there is no need to be ‘hesitant no more’ which is what the song is saying and they believe, i want it to be a romance that is never ending from the boy my artist thinking about his girlfriend and missing her dearly and dreaming about the times that they are together and wanting it never to end. From lying in bed together to walking and talking, laughing with each other about past things that have happened. I also want to show off him singing as he is chilled so i wouldn’t have him jumping up and down like a maniac and it would not represent my artists correctly, so to have him singing and playing his guitar with a beautiful background is what i would be looking for to make my final piece in my music video.

Whilst I was going through my additional research i was figuring out more of who i could target as my target audience, with who it was going to be and who i was likely to target more than others. My target audience is going to be from the age of 16 and to the age of 25 as i am targeting students, who may or may not be in relationships as this is a love song this could be something that s a couple they listen to, but mainly from the type of music that it is with being very relaxing and chilled it can be used for revision as through this age they could be students from GCSE’ Level, A levels and from university this would be who i am targeting as this is who are more likely to listen to the music, also if they were just chilling and relaxing with friends with some quite music in the back ground this could be the more likely song or genre that they would want to listen to.

The real media examples that I chose was with my music video deconstructions were

 ‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing sang by Jack Johnson’

 ‘Say sang by John Mayer’

 and also  ‘I’m yours sang by Jason Mraz’.


The first one that i deconstructed was ‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing sang by Jack Johnson’ i choose this video because it interested me by the way that even though he has movement around him which makes the video very interesting he also is always sat on the seat in the middle of the room playing his guitar, this to me showed me that now everything had to be muddily and even without all the muddle that is going on around him you don’t really watch this you are always watching him, This is in my case anyway that i felt i was always watching him and now what was going on in the background. The location of this video is in a plain room which also is why you watch him and this also shows that he is the singer and it’s about what he is singing rather than a jammed packed video with things that are not inclusive to the video.


The next deconstruction that i chose t do was ‘Say sang by John Mayer’ I used this video as the video is very simple but it has been put to the film Bucket List and this is about two older men who are very poorly and doing what they want to do, so the narrative is very clear as i have watched this video previously and they want to say things to their families of why they want to do some very dramatic things like skydiving before they die, so it is very clear to my audience that  this is what they want the lyrics say. It also is a very plain video as it stays mostly at close and mid shot angles throughout the video there are some long shot angle but they are mainly short and medium shots, he is just singing and playing his guitar in front of a white background which is very affective as the audience is looking straight into his eyes and are captured by what he is singing and this is the way i want to portray my video.


The last deconstruction that i did was ‘I’m yours sang by Jason Mraz’ The reason it interested me was that i like the lyrics that was sang, it also had a good story line to tell throughout the song. I also found that i could relate to it even without a video which was something that i liked about it, it was not just an influence from the video it had a high influence on the song just by its lyrics, it also gave me a better understanding of the elements that were in the song which then also helped me into finding out how my final music video could turn out and how i wanted my target audience to still in influenced by it even without the music video.


The first Cd cover that i deconstructed was ‘Say sang by John Mayer’.

The reason i choose this was because the song that John Mayer is singing, Say is the album covers name which is why i used it to i had links to both the Cd cover and the video. I think that it is very clear, he is standing tall still like his video he does not have loads of gimmicks around him distracting the audience elsewhere on the Cd cover, he is standing looking straight towards the camera which puts the audience straight into eye contact as though he is singing to them. This is also a very plain but sophisticated Cd cover, it has all that it needs the artist, the artists name and the name of the album, there is no confusion of what it is.


The second Cd cover deconstruction that i did was Jack johnson, Sitting waiting, wishing.

 The reason that i choose this Cd cover to deconstruct was that i wanted it in the same genre as i have chosen jack johnson which is, Acoustic and jack johnson still fits in with the genre that i am using. There is links between the cd cover and the video which is what i want to have in my video and cd cover, is the link that pulls in my audience. This shows a very calm sea behind a palm tree suggesting that he is on holiday, it also suggests that he is walking out of the picture, this could  be classed as not interested in his audeinec as you have no direct contact with him, as you can not see his face but it also could mean that he is going to write a song in a quite, calm place and this is what he wants the audience to understand, as the song title says he is sitting, waiting and wishing for maybe his love to come and see him, This is the lyrics that mean something like the same as Jason Mraz. Even though this  could be classed as boring because it is black and white and doing exciting on it but the way that it is plain it shows that it is also very sophisticated. The name of the artist and the Album name is very clear as his name is bolder than the album name but it also is the only writing on there so there is not alot of competition for the clearness of the album cover. You are clear what his name is and what the album name is by the bold and not bold text.

The Last deconstruction that i did to confirm who i had decided to study and work on with the music and the genre that i wanted to use was Jason Mraz  Advert. The reasons why i did this was because i have themed and gone with the Jason Mraz genre and type from the begging as i liked the style from when I first started my initial decision making for my video, Cd cover and advert, I did not want it to go too far from what i was trying to achieve.

The codes and convention of the advert cover, Cd cover and Video was that they were all very well linked with the Acoustic genre of the music as they all have links with the guitars, In every Advert, Cd cover and video between, Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Jason Mraz they all have the Acoustic guitar, also another link between artist and Advert that i found was that on Jason Mraz, Advert and Video was that you symbolise him with is that fact that he always has the hat, also the locations that they cover is always calm places there is no hussle and bussle in the background, or they are not clubbing in there as this would represent the wrong genre and style of the artist. The symbolism of different codes and conventions could be with having a rock genre and they would be dresses in black an very dark and down. Then another is Rand B this could be black people and you represent them with this type of music, also with posh cars in their video and sexy girls would be an ultimate clue for what genre and kind of song that they were going to sing. The context is what they have it in, the way that they have laid it our and where they have filmed or taking the picture, the overall theme is calmness and very chilled.


The reasons why I chose the design of the print work that I did for my Cd cover was that i wanted it to be well linked with my music video and some parts of my music video were black and white, with other codes and conventions i wouldn’t of had my artist in black makeup and white, white skin this would not suit what i was trying to put across to my target audience, the song is about love and joy, which is why i chose black and white as it symbolises the past when it was happy and the future is bright with the sun still gleaming either in the back group or through the tree’s, with the photography it’s as though the sun is trying to break through the tree’s and is so bright, which is like the relationship with it feeling like it’s going to have a breakthrough of love and affection just if there was not a little something in there way like the hesitation of kissing, so with this the way i laid out my print work was very important as i needed it to represent this, with the breakthrough of the sun and also i did not want to use loads of colours as it would of taken the effect of soft and carefulness of the artist and what his lyrics was about. The colours had to be simple because the song was simple but had a meaning with the lyrics that the artist sang, this made the colours being either lightened by changing the saturation and contrast or darkening parts with lighter bits coming through it all had to match and link with my video and my Cd cover as this was an important image that I needed to create for my artist and also to advertise him in the way that his music was represented. The way that my colours and photography linked was that it was quite natural pictures, there was no gimmicks to make it weird or different so there was no dramatic differences between my Cd cover, Advert  and video but the photo’s that i decided to use was how i wanted my artist to be represented by the way they were taken with either just his head and guitar in the picture or with him up against a wall looking directly straight into the camera so it has captured the audience as he is looking straight at them. The fonts that i chose was my own writing affect on my Cd cover as i wanted it to look like i had hand written the name of the song ‘I’m yours’ and edit it in the way that I wanted with a bit of smudging to help the effect, this also was used for the saying that I put on my artists other hand of music is the rhythm of life, I also used bubble writing and other types which bolder some letters out as an arty affect that i wanted to show off with the fancy pictures on my Cd digi pack. I did use alot of Arial font as it is a sophisticated look and it’s not tacky and farfetched like some fonts that are available for me to of used but i wanted my writing to be slightly abstract and not all the same as it could of been dull but it only needed a little bit or it would have been to much so there was defiantly a line between tacky and just enough from not being boring and plain/ My identity to my film was my written hand writing which is on my Front cover to show that it is different but still very smart and classy not just a scribble, it also needed to look uneat to create the right image that i wanted, with being tidy with an edge of messiness. The name that i chose was because i wanted it to be different and how i could lay it out in a particular way, i wanted it to stand out from any other names that are simple, also it linked with my own identity as i had my name ‘Shane, in white and a bold font which made it stand out then ‘Leo; this was more grey and faded into the background more for the last name ‘Martinez’, to be lighter that ‘Leo’ but it didn’t need to be as bright as ‘Shane’ so it showed off his name. The layout that i choose was that i wanted his name to stand out but for it not to be too bold and out there sending the wrong image for my audience as it would not then attract them, i wanted it to be simple but i also wanted it to show off my artist face which is why i choose the close up shot of his face through his hands. Even though it could represent my artist pushing the audience away it also symbolises him looking through his hands like a picture and looking straight into the audience’s. The overall theme of my Cd cover is that i have chosen a sophisticated look which symbolises my whole artist and the genre that it is in. I have not made it confusing and un relevant to the video or the whole theme as i have it in black and white to show the past or present that is to come and how this love story will gradually expand.  


In my advert the overall print work of it was one of my original pictures that i did not use in my Cd digi pack but i used it in but it had links as it was one of my pictures from my artist standing against the wall and with the resemblances of the guitar and the hat he wore showed that it was the same artist. The colours were black and white but it also had colour in as i choose to change the contrast and saturations, this was so that I could change the grass a very light colour to show thought and calmness, i also had just his name, the place of the concert, the time and the date of his release of his album on the front this was all well sized and bold so that it was noticeable and people could acknowledge who he was straight away by the use of black and white writing. The layout that i chose was so that it was very clear and also easy to read and i only wanted one picture on it, i also had the Cd cover as i was advertising as well for the release and being able to buy it on ITunes The overall theme like the Cd cover was that i wanted it to be a sophisticated look which symbolises my whole artist an the genre that it is in. I have not made it confusing and un relevant to the video or the whole theme as i have it in black and white to show the past or present that is to come and how this love story will gradually expand.  

In the ‘moving image’ which was part of my finished media product, i needed to make a music video which i took influenced from artists which were Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, The Script and John Mayer. Within these i had a main influence that i researched a lot and have talked about a lot so far which is Jason Mraz, this was also shown throughout the video’s that i researched from being low budget video’s except Sitting, waiting, wish from jack Johnson  as they were very simple but still very professional. With the themes like relationships, make ups and breakups, love and other ways that people believe to be very important to them and making people unhappy. This is what they sang about and you got a feeling from these just by what the lyrics were about. This was also a main factor of what was filmed with having shots of travelling, flying away, being happy and waiting whilst things fly around the room, Just standing as the time passed by until you got to see the love again. This is what made a media product have more realistic features in them and making the audience feel this and this is what links them to the artists. With this it makes the audience feel like they can relate to the song, it also makes them feel real and that it is a realistic and they feel involved which then leads on to an attraction to the music and artist. The main idea for my music video was i wanted to create a love story between my artist and his partner who he deeply loved and showed a  bit about their life and what they did to share some very special moment which he thought back on. This also was to attract my target audience into the love song and story that went with it so when they listened to the music this is what they would picture. I do not think that all of my codes and conventions were followed fully throughout my video because in some parts my artist is not fully lip syncing which was a fault of preparing and not getting it completly correct with the making of the video, this could be used for controversial as in most cases an artist would sing throughout the whole video and mine does not and it also would not be out of time on a proper video which makes people think that they are ‘real’ and they make the music for the song and sing it all in sync. Despite this i did try and keep a direct narrative in my video with how my artist does attempt to sing throughout the video as well as have a showing relationship throughout. Even though the lip syncing did not go to plan i dont think this would affect the audience as its more about the lyrics and you start to accept that its not in time but you keep watching because of the music. Linking back with the CD cover and advert i made sure that my audience was staying interested with the video and other elements. The camera angles that i mainly used was close ups or medium/long shots which was following my artist or even just of his body and him playing his guitar. I also had some far away shots that got zoomed in from walking in towards the camera in the video when they were walking and laughing together. I also showed a lot of his face even though he had glasses on and hat it id capture the audience as it was involving the audience into the music. I have got some posing in my photography but it is not obvious it is quite natural which is the representation of him that i wanted and not just a fake celebrity look. The representation that i have given through my artists is very similar to Jason Mraz, as its a Good look face, Friendly, You know that he is very creative as he writes the songs and he sings creative songs, and it interested the audience in his appearance and the way that he is dresses is different to indie artists and even some pop artist as he is individual and has his own way of looking which suits him this is also a high target audience attraction as he is different and not your typical pop artist. This is what attracts my target audience which is why i have chosen this artist.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

From both of the moving image and the print work i have had to make it near enough the same and this was crucial as i needed the theme to be the same as one another. This was because if i was to introduce a new, unsigned artist this would be very important. To get the whole image, set correctly from the beginning is crucial to the artist’s future, this is so that it can impress the audience that they are targeting and they will have an immediate impression of them weather it is positive or negative they will know, where as if, it was after the artist had came out and then the whole image or perception of him changed this would of been a bad affect as his audience may change but not recognize him in the same way, rather than the wow factor.  It also is in case that the artist is unknown to anybody and for my media product needs to get to be known and needs to be good and interesting, so that he can sell himself to the target audience this will help him become known and hopefully successful. This is what i feel i have done my best on, as i like him image and i would look at him and think i like the look of that which is what i wanted. My video has elements of short shots, medium and long shots, as i have views behind him which you can see and then very close ups of him spinning around. I also have different scenes as i have him in different locations that sometimes reoccur throughout the video, these i have edited in different ways to show flash backs and other elements. I have done various ways of editing my video, each shot has some similarities but they also do move to and from different locations. Some of the main shots that i did was by changing the saturations and making it flash with lightness and also black and white covering the bed scenes as though it is the past, i also adjusted the colour temperature. This also is all linked within my print product as i had light spaces and i adjusted the colors in my advert and no specific colors are used. The reason i had no colour theme was so that it dint look like party music, even though i used black and white in both it was more about being calm and soft rather than loads of colour. The reason i had a lot of  black and white in my film and my Cd cover, Advert was so that i could have a sophisticated look and it stayed classy within the genre and theme of black and white but was not dull and boring, as i had different saturations that i changed. In the video you can portray yourself with the moving visuals and feel more involved in the love story like you are a fly on the wall watching it, and on the print work you have to feel more into it and believe what the location and setting was like more than a moving image as you can see the location and what the weather is like. It also makes sure that you can get enough details that show certain aspects of your style and what you are trying to create.

 My target audience would not find it difficult whether or not to decide if they liked my artist and the genre that he was in, by looking at my Cd cover and Advert without even seeing the moving image (Video). I think that the link between my music video and the print work are very similar so it would be very easy to link them together and if my target audience was to see the video first they would still be able to link it together. On my own personal opinion i think that it would sell well as the artist and it has a good image of him and it shows a love story that is his life, this immediately takes in the audience’s attention as they feel connected into the storyline.

3.What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

From my feedback i managed to appeal to my target audience as my focus group were around the age of 17 to 19 year old, which falls neatly in the middle of my original target audience which is 16 to 25. I also managed to cover both sex’s as my focus group was a mixture of men and women which is what my original target was to have a mixture of men and women. The education was that they were all in full time education, of doing a levels which falls in the middle of my educational aspects that i wanted as i wanted it to be for students. So by making my video it related to them as some of them were in relationships or had finished from a relationship, they also showed that they just liked the song and the video. They also used facebook and other social networking sites as this is something that i want to advertise on.

My focus group felt that it did address the correct target audience as they felt it was good and that they felt involved in the video.They felt that the video had a good narrative but in some places was not so clear with the story as there was no breakup or drama to it which they thought that it may of been. The target audience that i wanted was attracted also as they liked that the acters and artist was around the age that they were so they felt that they could relate to the video clearly.

The post production survey showed me that

  • Relate this to your pre AND post-production questionnaires i.e. what your TA expected and how they consume the media … then relate that to your post-production questionnaires [hopefully this will tell you what they thought, improvements and any problems] and compare/contrast/conclude the feedback from both.

From my focus groups

  • From this feedback conclude how you could have improved it?
  • Use your focus group [i.e. get some friends to watch your video/film and give you comments] feedback to highlight issues, both positive and negative. Show you have tested your product on your target audience.
    • How has your project ‘re-presented’ your TA and the artists/characters in it?

4.How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

The media technologies that i used to construct my music video and print work was i had to use a still camera to take my pictures for my Cd cover, Digi pack and Advert. I also used a Video camera to film my music video, i used this as this was the easiest way of filming it.

The programmes that i used for edit my photography for my Advert and Cd cover, digi pack was Photoshop as i had used this before and i needed to edit and make the cover how i wanted to. I also used it for my advert as i could change the images and edit them, by colour and saturations to fit my image and how it was all linked. I also could change the size and adjust the way it layed weather i wanted it straight or slanted to suit the look that i was making. The internet that i used helped in research and plan my whole project so without the internet it would not have been very easy to do research and watch video’s very easy but looking it up on Google ( I also used the editing programme which allowed me to edit my video and produce the final product.

Out of these technologies all of them were useful, as if i did not have a camera i would not of been able to film for my video and without the editing programme i would not of been able to produce the final piece form editing but with this i had issue’s with the software as i found some parts hard to use and when i was to add something in everything moved and i personally found it very hard to lip sync my music. Using photoshop was very useful as i have had more practise working with this from my AS magazine so i could get on with it quicker and make my final Advert and Cd cover, Digi Pack and this was very handy as without this i would not of been able to edit my picture’s to how i wanted them to look for my whole image that was with my artist.

Our blog that we made in our AS studies for our media project and also using it this time around for A2 and making a whole blog of our work. I found that this was a brilliant way of getting Audience feedback as you could send everybody a link from our emails to do our feedback surveys and have the results immediately; it also stopped all the hassle of handing out pieces of paper and getting them in and the writing all up the tally’s and trying to work out the percentages where as on the blog you could get our instant percentages. I also was able to see the progress that i was doing and getting my work done from home without trying to transfer all the files that are too big to go on an email, so it benefited me in the way that i found it easy to use after i had got used to it and i like being able to make it interactive for my viewers.

I used mainly the internet that helped me do my research and planning as i searched for all of my you tube video’s of genre’s and artists that i like, then i also could downloads the lyrics and read them as well as listening to them without any hassle of getting the Cd or trying to find it on MTV, tv programme so this was a huge advantage of nor wasting time and then being able to a lot link them into my blog.

The digital media helped me to evaluate as i did the survey monkey’s which then gave me imediate feedback into what my customers wanted, and how they thought the whole project planned out which then helped me make the project and also finish it in the way that i needed it to be done.

I think that i could of used the technology to more of an effect as my video has bit that dont follow the narrative as clearly or there are bits that he does not sing correctly which if i was to of planned it more i could of had longer sentances and more effects on it to show a better shory. But as a whole with using all of the technology i feel that i used it to my capable ability and even though it could of been more effective i am happy with what i achieved. I have been able to use the technology by having direct advertising to my target audience and it has been availible in many different places including, posters, shop windows, Bilboards, Interenet which is a main factor for me with social networking sites, a useful one also but it is not one that i have personally used is the Tv. With using Social networking sites that i have including Facebook, Bebo and Myspace by looking at different ways of advertising it has allowed unsigned artists aswell as signed artists to advertise there artist for where they are playing and doing. They also have there own sites to do this advertising with more signed artists. With there websites that have picture’s, where they can download there new song, like Itunes, they can leave comments and there own views on the new relseased song. because of the interenet they can access a much bigger range of an audience as it is a worldwide communicater, they can access anything that they want so its used a lot more frequently. However there are some sights that download illegally which still gets there music out but they do not pay, These are sights like YouTube and Limewire and other downloading sights, Its so easy to use they just have to put in the name of the artists and the song that they wish to require, This is one of the problems with having music available all the time.

The multi format approach with music products and publications effect these products in a good way, this is because from being able to access everyting all of the time for the target audience this is were they can choice from a wider range of advertising for there particular audience and there chosen artist. The target auideince is also able to look at the product and have an interactive account with it as they can listen to the song from the internet, they can have a preview of it. They feel like they have an istant interation with the arist. This will want them to find out more and be influenced by the way that the artits is, with what they are wearing, the feelings that you are getting of the artist singing, how that is making them feel. This is what they will want to feel when listening to that artist. 

The accesability of the internet and contempory technologies enables the artist to have and give there target audience a direct advertising with in reality is a direct marketing and this is so that they can have music video’s in there official website that the artist has. This will have automatic links to social networking sites such as facebook, bebo and myspace. this instantly makes the audience follow what is said on these and how they are linked in with it. There could be an interactive chat where they can fill in there email, phone number and address to have things about the artists sent to them forst before the general public find out this could imcourage them to be more involved with in the artist aswell. They can have chats like facebook about the artist, chat rooms are a good way of getting a wider audience and more as they will be able to link it to anothers profile which will have more poeple on that could then send the message out more. The most effectliuve way of advertising and marketing is by having the artist even if they are new or even i they are not and having them well advertised with bill boards and such like in places that would get the audience. Another way of marketing is by the synergy way and having mobile and a ipod and these were together to produce a successful iphone which can store up to as much as a mobile phone with text messages and camera and have the extra with holding a lot of music aswell this has been advertised by being able to post things on facebook, have a wider music range, not have as many things to carry and also have the internet on their ohone which is a huge bonus as now that can have acess to the internet at all times but they also do not neccessarily have something illegal on there phones like limewire.

April 21, 2010

A2 G324 Advanced Portfolio – Time management and Planning for Photography

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Date January 20;

LOCATION; outside (near trees) and bench.

January 20th; for outside photographs, I need it to be either morning or late afternoon having the weather in mind as I need some rays of sun for the right light so it can come through in some photo’s as this is also something I would like in my video

PROPS; My artist will be wearing a blue jumper with white writing on it with dark coloured jeans and brown going out shoes to look smart and sophisticated, I some of my pictures there also will be a hat that will be used. The Make-up that will be used is simple foundation if needed if not he will not have any on. In my pictures to represent my artist I will have an acoustic guitar, camera and batteries.

 – I do plan on having many different shots with different angles and positioned with my pictures, I will be doing this so that I have some interesting pictures that might catch my eye and others more than other pictures for my front cover of my Cd pack, rather than one that I have planned as it will be experiment at the same time. The main pictures that I will have taken will be used in my Advert and my Cd cover as I will have links for the both of them.

A2 G324 Advanced Portfolio – Time management for filming

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 February 25-29 ( Rough time estimated)

LOCATION;, Breadstone and Minchinghamton common.

 – Minchinhampton common; Shots of the View that my artist and his girl are looking at, also with just my artist singing in front of the beautiful view, with his guitar singing with the background and the sun, Looking into the camera and also views of looking away at the scenery. (25/02/10, 1:00 pm.)

– AT HOME, Close up of her face when she is sleeping then the door to see the boy walking in and her face lighting up when she has seen him/heard him coming through the door. They also have a cuddle which is a medium shot that then is able to show they are having a laugh and lovingly looking at each other. Also a clip of them thinking about their walk.                                                                                                                                     (27.02.10, Morning 10:30am)

 -EXTRA; some singing shots of my artist. General Props; guitar, artists –boy who is my singer and girl, hat, camera, camera stand,

Half Term – Any Shots that have been changed and need to be remade – When the weather is better from other shots that can be changed as the weather wrecks it.

April 19, 2010

A2 G324 Advanced Portfolio – StoryBoard

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A2 G324 Advanced Portfolio -Finished Advert

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A2 G324 Advanced Portfolio – Finished Cd Cover

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A2 G324 Advanced Portfolio- 10 Original Photo’s for my Cd cover and Advert

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March 5, 2010

A2 G324 Advanced Portfolio – Planning of Posters/ Adverts

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February 10, 2010

A2 G324 Advanced Portfolio- Planning A2 Coursework

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Photo planning

The clothing that i need my artist to wear for my photo’s

This was used for my writing on my artists hand on my CD front cover.

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